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We provide service for businesses at more than 800 properties in Atlanta alone. We also provide this service to hundreds of other apartments, condominiums, high-rise, mid-rise, and town home communities in the metro-areas of Atlanta, Dallas, and now in 2008 Jacksonville and Tampa/St.Pete.   

These containers are relatively small and convenient for any location. More times than not we target the property’s point of waste disposal (compactor or dumpster area) for resident/employee convenience. This convenience encourages more involvement.  

We provide two different services to each customer, a paper service and a commingle service. Both services allow for items to be mixed…no need for sorting which equals more involvement. Plastic, glass, aluminum, steel, etc., can be mixed into the commingle service containers. Phonebooks, magazines, junk mail, newspaper, office paper, etc., can be mixed into the paper service containers.  

We provide unlimited service pick-ups per month for a small flat fee. The flat fee ends up being at least a wash, when you factor in the overall savings on the waste service. The less garbage, the lower the garbage bill. The more savings back into your company.  

We will provide the customer with a quarterly report, breaking down the material recycled by weight. This allows the customer to track their positive influence on the environment, and further negotiate their waste contract.   

We provide the customer with a schedule, which is typically once a week service, and a hotline number to call for overflows. The customer does not have to wait for their scheduled day; we offer a next day service for free for all overflows. Our standard contract, unless the customer wants more, is month to month.